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Amanda Lee, IDT


Enthusiasm for design and attention to detail have been the driving force behind the company. After graduating from the Interior Design Technology program at NAIT, I acquired experience in both commercial and residential design. It was this experience, paired with my desire to bring new light to the process of design that gave me the confidence to open Red Frog Interior Design in 2014. The ability to pull together my creativity with the art of functional design has made for a perfect match.

Who am I when I am not designing? I am a dedicated mum, a passionate traveler, and a seeker of simple joys. I enjoy spending time outdoors, walking through the river valley and geocaching. Together with my spouse, we enjoy time renovating our home on evenings and weekends. Whether it be enjoying time with my family, or embracing the community and festivals around the city, my primary motivation is always to enjoy a life filled with small happy moments. 


Christine Rossi, B.Des


As a creative introvert, I've always found different ways of expressing myself, but my home and how I design a space has been the most prominent. I believe everyone should find comfort in the spaces they spend time in and my goal as a designer is to help our clients achieve that. After a Bachelor of Design degree and 5 years in the graphic design industry I decided to take the leap and begin chasing this dream through the Residential Interiors program at the University of Alberta.

Outside of work I can be found doing home projects with my boyfriend, walking our dog Hazel in the river valley, cuddling our cat Junior or doing art projects around the city with my arts collective.